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Super ingredient for plant-based food products

Source:Foodiq Oy     Date:2022-12-16
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The new super ingredient from Foodiq Oy’s unlocks the potential of fermented fava beans to take the growth of plant-based food to the next level. Called Fabea+ has a unique, industrial-scale production process and is able to take any shape and flavor desired.

Foodiq, which aims to provide sustainable solutions to solve the future of food, developed Fabea+ which can allow plant-based food alternatives to go global. This ingredient comprises fermented fava beans and offers a nutritious, sustainable, and scalable alternative to mainstream ingredients used in the plant-based market, such as soy, pea or oats.

According to Foodiq, its new ingredient also offers a clean slate for the production of any plant-based product, with no unwanted side flavours and zero trade-offs when it comes to taste or texture. Fava beans are usually only used as isolates and concentrates, but this fermented powder form is new and unique to the industry, while the use of fermentation as a process makes a truly “tasteless” taste profile possible.

“We turned fermented fava beans into a Nordic magic powder able to upgrade your product to the next level,whether it’s dairy, grain, or meat. Thanks to our unique, industrial-scale manufacturing process, combined with natural fermentation, Fabea+ has a neutral taste and no odour. It is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and suitable for FODMAP diet” explains Pasi Raito, Chief Business Officer at Foodiq.

The market for plant-based meats is currently experiencing growth problems, with sales flatlining and brands struggling to stand out in an increasingly saturated market. Foodiq believes this innovation will allow food producers anywhere to develop new products and improve on existing ones to appeal to consumers everywhere. Fabea+ was presented to the industry at FI Europe food convention in December, where it was shortlisted in the innovation prize category.

“We are happy about the amazing feedback Fabea+ received from the industry at FI Europe. Fabea+ wasn’t born out of necessity but from a passion to simply make food better – to facilitate the pursuit of future-proof food products. We see a bright future for this Nordic magic powder,” says Raito.

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Key facts about Fabea+:

·       Fabea+ has no unwanted side flavours and is incredibly malleable, making it the perfect clean slate for food producers.

·       The ingredient offers a superior nutritional profile to other common ingredients, with high levels of protein and fibre.

·       It is more than just a meat substitute. Fabea+ can be used to create alternatives to baked goods, dairy, pastas, and more. It is universally applicable: and can take any shape and flavour desired.

·       Made from fermented fava beans, a crop that is sustainable and can be grown almost anywhere, from Europe to Africa to Asia.

·       Fabea+ can be rapidly scaled and incorporated into production lifecycles, improving on existing products or creating new ones to help producers and brands in their mission to save the planet.

·       Fabea+ is available as a powder and as a block.


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