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Ringier Trade media is a leading DIGITAL, EVENTS and print media company.

The company's focus is to significantly build its business in the digital business to business direct marketing sector. with a broad range of services to offer clients ranging from - webinars, webcasts, email and newsletter solutions to more comprehensive content marketing solutions that also involve print and events. As such we are looking skilled individuals who understand digital media and communications and can effectively help clients identify their marketing needs and provide them with comprehensive solutions that can involve multiple media channels.
If you are looking for a sales career in digital media, events and content marketing then contact us.



Advertising/Digital Sales Executive, based in Shanghai/Shenzhen/Guangzhou
Conference Planner, based in Shanghai



    Advertising/Digital Sales Executive, based in Shanghai/Shenzhen/Guangzhou
    Job responsibility
    - Be responsible for identifying key prospects for B2B industrial digital, events and magazines, taking the necessary steps to secure them as advertisers by making personal sales calls, and phone/fax/dm/email activities.
    - Make every attempt to ensure that the advertisers are of good credit and be responsible for collection of payments.
    - Be required to attend trade shows in China, help manage the booth and visit exhibitors/potential clients.
    - Assist in marketing support activities such as EDM, promotion pieces and helping build and maintain an up to date database of prospects. Your key activity is the generation of advertising sales revenue.
    Job requirement
    - Minimum 1 year of sales experience in digital media, advertising or industrial product sales with a verifiable track record of sales achievement
    - Bachelor degree or above.
    - You must have initiative, confidence, a lot of energy to succeed in outdoor sales, and an ability to learn and use new sales skills.

    For more information about Ringier, visit www.xingqiu78.com.
    To schedule an interview, email your English-Chinese CV to 


     Conference Planner, based in  Shanghai


    Job responsibility
    Identify through market research, discussions with multiple stake holders (e.g. potential delegates, suppliers and industry leaders) topics that are of high interest and relevance that will appeal to delegates
    - Must identify and invite speakers that can deliver the required topics 
    - Responsibility for the event and work within a pre-approved budget
    - Support sales of sponsorships including visiting potential sponsors
    - Able to implement cross-departmental coordination to share resources for effective organization of events

    - Develop strategic partnerships with other media companies, associations and other partners to further build and promote Ringier’s events 

    - Producing promotional materials and writing proposal and press release in Chinese & English.

    - Support on-site services 

    - Undertake other marketing projects related duties as required. 

    Job requirement
    Excellent communication, coordination and relationship building skills are a must.
    Well organized and integrated with all the resources, self-motivated under minimum supervision 
    - Effective time management, able to meet deadlines for multiple projects
    - Bachelor Degree , minimum 3 year working experiences is a must; marketing research, editorial background or having been a marketing manager for an industrial company preferred
    - Experience in commercial events/conferences/trade show management is a plus.

    - Excellent English and Chinese writing skills and effective verbal English communication 

    For more information about Ringier, visit www.xingqiu78.com.
    To schedule an interview, email your English-Chinese CV to 

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