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Shanghai Cheeshine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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Company Name:Shanghai Cheeshine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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Area: China
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Contact Person:Vanessa Yang



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  • Cheeshine is a high-tech enterprise providing high quality products and Omni-directional services for rubber industry. We make efforts to create added values for customers through brand-new ideas, advanced technologies and innovative products. While continuously improving the existing products, we lead the way in new product development through technological innovation.
    With extensive products, we focus on the development, manufacture and sale of high-end rubber chemicals including modified rubber fillers, high performance coupling-agents, environmental friendly rubber processing oils, functional resins, etc.
    Cheeshine insists on the operation principles of sustainable development; in addition, we attach much importance to social responsibility, environmental protection, safety and health. With green and efficient products, we hope to establish long-term win-win cooperation with customers and partners.


    Major Business Main Products
    Email Company Website http://www.cheeshine.com
    Fax Company Address 22D, No.1369, Dongfang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai

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