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Eastman: Saflex enhanced acoustic interlayers for vehicles




As electric vehicle (EV) demand grows, Eastman delivers the cabin comfort and sound damping consumers want with Saflex enhanced acoustic interlayers.


As Mr. Smith explains, Eastman enables advanced design options for laminated windshields, side-door EV glass, and EV sunroofs. Its interlayers for electric vehicles help improve acoustic glass and solar control glass.  Saflex interlayers provide more design freedom and flexibility for electric vehicle manufacturers. They help manage vehicle weight through thinner glass and reduce loads on cabin air systems, which are keys to maximising driving range. Eastman is also developing solar reflective interlayers that create better cabin comfort. And Eastman enables the advanced autonomous driving features of tomorrow, such as augmented reality head-up display (AR HUD).


This is more important than ever as Tesla continues to raise standards for the industry. This market will continue to rapidly expand, with Ford committed to going 100% electric in the European Union by 2026. In addition, GM plans to phase out gas-powered vehicles by 2035. And both China and the European Union have set aggressive goals to reduce vehicle emissions by 2035. The EV market also requires constant innovation. Eastman is prepared to meet the challenge with its interlayers for electric vehicles—both today and in the years to come.


More information about Saflex? enhanced acoustic interlayers for electric vehicles:  https://bit.ly/3mrvK1v

Source: Eastman YouTube Channel

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