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Husky injection system for blood collection tubes




ICHOR? is Husky’s first integrated medical injection system for blood collection tubes. Based on Husky’s proven PET technology, with integrated robot and auxiliaries, one HMI and advanced hot runner, this system offers unmatched levels of productivity, precision, and efficiency.


ICHOR is designed to enable both new or existing medical device manufacturers to guarantee predictability and reduced part variability while ensuring the highest levels of quality for blood collection tubes. With ICHOR, it becomes possible to achieve:


?? High quality and high precision of parts

?? High speed process and high productivity

?? Reduced wear and extended mold life

?? Reduced waste and variability of the parts


Learn more about Husky Medical https://www.husky.co/en/industries/medical/


Source: Husky Technologies YouTube Channel

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2022-12-20 19:01:17882 Views

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