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Polystar: What is AB Multilayer Blown Film?




Multilayer blown film extrusion or co-extrusion is a process of producing a plastic film that is more than one layer. The purpose is to obtain different materials and/or colours. With its higher resistance and different properties on each layer, the multilayer plastic film is suitable to be applied as garbage bags, courtier bags, shopping bags, or other industrial applications like agricultural film and mulch film.


The main difference between monolayer (extrusion) and multilayer blown film machines (co-extrusion) is the design of the die head. For AB blown film machine, there are two extruders processing two different materials or colours. The melted plastic will then be fed into two separate gaps to a die head and connected together at the end to create a film with two different colours or materials on each side.


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Source: Polystar YouTube Channel

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